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Zebraman Ultimate Z-Pack [BD]

Zebraman Ultimate Z-Pack [BD]

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ZEBRAMAN- Shinichi was obsessed with “Zebraman,” a short-lived 70’s TV superhero
show set in the futuristic year of 2010. When 2010 actually arrives, Shinichi is now a
school teacher and dedicated family man who doesn’t get any respect from his students or family. To escape his mundane life, he makes himself a Zebraman costume and prowls around the city at night. What begins as an escapist adventure soon becomes a warped reality! Shinichi now realizes that his beloved superhero show wasn’t science fiction but a strange prophecy! He fully embraces his new identity and takes it upon himself to save the world from an alien invasion! (118 mins./ 1 BD+1 DVD)

ZEBRAMAN 2- The year is 2050, and Tokyo has fallen. Evil reigns supreme as the
Zebra Queen, a hooved seductress, proceeds to conquer the world with the aid of her
Mini Skirt Zebra Police. When Zebraman prepares to oppose the evil Queen, she steals
his powers and institutes Zebra Time - ten minutes per day when murder and mayhem
are legal! Without his super-strength, Zebraman is powerless to stop the rampaging
onslaught of evil. Will the striped superhero regain his bad-ass superpowers and
vanquish the Queen before it’s too late? (111 mins./ 1 BD)

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