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Voodoo Virus [BD]

Voodoo Virus [BD]

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From Media Blasters comes an all-new, live-action, thrill-packed feature, "Voodoo Virus," making its world premiere!

A lethal, powdered drug hits the streets and its consumption is spreading a wave of crime and murder across the city! When two private detectives, James and Patricia, are hired to find a missing person named Cassidy, several clues lead them to a strange church established by the charismatic high voodoo priestess, Mama Dominique.

They discover that the priestess rules a parish of punk killers who obey her every command and distribute the viral zombie powder to create an army of subservient and blood-thirsty zombies!

When James and Patricia meet Sammie, they learn that she is the only woman who possesses the will and power to confront Mama and her undead minions and prevent the voodoo apocalypse!

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