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Tweeny Witches Complete Book of Spells

Tweeny Witches Complete Book of Spells

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Tweeny Witches: The Complete Book of Spells contains episodes 1-26 of the anime directed by Yoshiharu Ashino and includes a 10-page "Book of Spells" Color Art Gallery Brochure.

Arusu is a young girl who truly believes in magic with all her heart and soul. Her dreams literally come true when she’s thrust into a fantastical realm inhabited with fairies, witches and strange magic spells! With the help and friendship of two young witches, Sheila and Eva, Arusu quickly masters some magical powers. Soon, the trio find themselves opposing rival witches, a mysterious pirate, and sinister invading forces! Despite their hair-raising adventures, nothing can stop the three girls from fulfilling their individual hopes and dreams!

This special edition includes a new commemorative color art booklet and an array of interviews and special features.

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