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The Machine Girl Chronicles

The Machine Girl Chronicles

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THE MACHINE GIRL: JACKED!- Ami is your average schoolgirl trying to provide a
normal life for her younger brother and herself following the tragic death of their parents.
But her whole world comes crashing down when her brother and his friend are brutally
murdered by a ruthless gang of bullies headed by the spoiled brat son of a local yakuza
boss! When Ami sets out to avenge her slain sibling, she soon finds herself over her
head and minus a left arm! Bleeding profusely and barely alive after a vicious yakuza
attack, Ami seeks shelter at an auto repair garage where two sympathetic mechanics
take pity on her and help rehabilitate her. To aid her in her unrelenting quest for
revenge, they fit her arm stump with a custom prosthetic arm that sports a high-powered
rotary machine gun! Ami meets and teams up with the equally vengeful mom of her
dead brother’s slain friend, and together they wage an unholy two-woman war against
the yakuza’s deadliest hitmen and an army of lethal ninja assassins in the cinema’s
greatest all-out apocalyptic bloodbath! Extras include behind-the-scenes footage and
the trailer. This edition features the recent HD remastered edition with noticeable
improvement in picture resolution. (97 mins.)
RISE OF THE MACHINE GIRLS- Sold off for body parts by their mother at a young
age, Ami and her sister Yoshie perform as pop idols in a traveling circus freak show
until they decide to put a stop to the Dharma clan’s black market organ harvesting
scheme. When Yoshie is attacked and abducted by the buxom but deadly Battle-Bust
Sisters, Dharma brutally amputates Ami’s arm, leaving her for dead– unconscious and

profusely bleeding! With the help of professional hit-man-for-hire Matsukata, Ami is
more determined than ever to get revenge! Meanwhile, Dharma has transformed her
sister Yoshie into a cyborg programmed to kill! Soon, the clan conflict escalates into a
hyper-violent bullets-and-blood ballet! Will Ami rescue her sister and restore her
humanity? Extras include- behind-the-scenes, still gallery and trailers. (80 mins.)

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