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SEXY MAGICAL GIRL AI (Mahou Shoujo Ai San: The Anime) [BD]

SEXY MAGICAL GIRL AI (Mahou Shoujo Ai San: The Anime) [BD]

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Absolutely Not For Children!

Three fierce Magical Warriors, Ai, Rin, and Meg, join forces
to wage war against the demonic Yuragi who have begun to possess and corrupt
humanity, threatening to ultimately destroy civilization. The mastermind behind it all is
Shin and his mutant daughter Mayu who control the Yuragi to orchestrate their
doomsday master plan. When Shin captures the trio of warriors, he submits each of
them to unrelenting tentacle torture! Will the trio survive the ordeal and defeat Shin, his
daughter Mayu and the massive, monstrous Yuragi army? This is the epic 2009 three-
part OVA. Japanese language with English subtitles/English Language. (3 Episodes)

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