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Rio Rainbow Gate - Re-Shuffle [BD]

Rio Rainbow Gate - Re-Shuffle [BD]

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Rio: Rainbow Gate - Reshuffled contains episodes 1-13 and a bonus episode with a new English language dub.

Based on a popular Japanese arcade game, RIO: Rainbow Gate is set at a big gambling casino on a lavish island resort and follows the exploits of Rio Rollins, a dealer nicknamed The Goddess of Victory, who brings exceptional luck to gamblers with her magical presence. As a 'Gate Holder', Rio holds one of 13 mystical cards and must periodically engage in a series of extreme competitions, called Gate Battles, against other Gate Holders to compete for the title of most valuable casino dealer. The show is filled with colorful characters, wild costumes and exotic settings.

The new English dub was produced at the Fever Dreams Sound Factory and co-directed by Brittany Lauda of Kocha Sound and Amber Lee Connors of Sound Cadence Studios. Fans will appreciate the exciting cast ranging from the up-and-coming talent to fan favorite veterans including Amber Lee Connors, Brittany Lauda, Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Mike Pollock, Natalie Hoover, Michelle Knotz, Kira Buckland and Michelle Rojas among others.

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