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A two-episode treasure trove of three tales that explore the sexier aspects of time travel, cycling and academia! The Legend of Ooedo's 800 Holes begins when Takehiko falls into a manhole and time travels backwards to feudal Japan! After wandering without food or water for a few days, he gets entangled with a beautiful run-away princess named Tsubaki. Takehiko has only one thing on his mind Besides trying to get back to the correct time zone, Takhiko has only one thing on his mind and the Princess dost protest too much because she has some surprise plans of her own! Bicycle features a voyeuristic pervert who gets his thrills watching Chitose ride her bike down a bumpy hill every morning. Chitose seems to find a perverse personal pleasure in the wild ride that her bicycle seat provides. Under the guise of Bicycle Man, the perv comes up with a crazy plan to interject himself in between Chitose and her bicycle seat to take cycling to a new level! Winter Love depicts the antagonistic relationship between a nerdy science professor named Ootsuka and Matsuo, an art teacher, who teases and verbally harasses Ootsuka to his breaking point. Soon, it’s time to teach Matsuo a lesson! Ootsuka concocts an aphrodisiac and doses her favorite beverage to enact his revenge! Surprisingly, Matsuo makes an intimate confession that turns the tables on Ootsuka! (English dubbed/ 35 mins.) Includes a BONUS OVA, LECHEROUS LESSONS (Kyouiku Shidou) Yoshiyuki is a teacher who craves sex as he sets his sights on the female student body and fellow teachers. As a substitute teacher moving from school to school, Yoshiyuki is presented with endless and optimal opportunities to satiate his lust! (27 mins.)

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