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Lust Struck Trilogy [BD]

Lust Struck Trilogy [BD]

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Absolutely not for Children!

18+ or older to purchase!

A new 3-part OVA! Episode1- Noknoka sends letters, under a false name, to express her repressed lustful feelings for the Ryutaro, the elder brother of her classmate, Hiroaki. When Ryutaro ignores the love letters, Nonoka dates Hiroaki to get closer to Ryutaro and express her pent up emotions to him, in the flesh- literally! Episode 2- Makoto is unaware that his sexy step-sister Misaki secretly harbors forbidden feelings for him. One day, Makoto accidentally catches Misaki masturbating on his bed and her secret is out! Finally, they confess their true feelings for each other and take things to the next lustful level! Episode 3- Taiki continually fantasizes about his high school crush, Mihashi, in various lewd sexual situations. After he confesses his true feelings to Mihashi, he learns about a naughty rumor circulating the campus involving Mihashi and her Teacher. Taiki finally confronts his new girlfriend about the rumor and demands to know the bitter truth! Uncut, uncensored! Dubbed in English! Also includes original Japanese language with subtitles.

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