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Kunoichi Lady Ninja [BD]

Kunoichi Lady Ninja [BD]

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Kunoichi Lady Ninja was directed by Hitoshi Ozawa and stars Yûko Moriyama, Kazuki Takeda, and Momoka Saeki.

In feudal Japan, the evil Lord Akinari rules the prefecture with his private troops known as the 7 Spears. These trained assassins, highly skilled in Ninjutsu and sorcery, abduct women for Akinari’s personal pleasure. When the 7 Spears massacred the Hori clan, only seven daughters survived. Together, the women swear an oath to avenge their clan using the powers of Kunoichi within each of them. With the help of the sword master Jyubei Yagyuu they travel to Aizu to slay their enemies! Based on the novel by Futaro Yamada.

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