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Knight Hunters Eternity Blu-ray

Knight Hunters Eternity Blu-ray

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Knight Hunters Eternity Blu-ray contains episodes 1-13 of the anime directed by Hitoyuki Matsui.

Koua Academy is a prestigious school grooming the future elite leaders of Japan. However, some of the most influential students and teachers devise a plot to ‘eliminate’ those who don’t make the cut. During a rash of mysterious ‘suicides,’ Sena Izumi, a transfer student, arrives. He appears to be an ordinary freshman but he’s actually a member of the secret team of assassins known as The Weiss. Together, he is joined by fellow teammates Ken, Yoji and Omi, and some new recruits on a mission to rid Koua Academy of its long tradition of corruption and evil, once and for all!

Special Features: Voice Actor Interviews, Outtakes

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