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Kitty's Twin Treats V1 (Hump Bang/Ah My Sex Goddess) [BD]

Kitty's Twin Treats V1 (Hump Bang/Ah My Sex Goddess) [BD]

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Absolutely not for Children!

18+ and older to purchase!

Absolutely Not For Children! 18 And Over! Hump Bang!\- A two\-part adult anime OVA. Hiro and Koji are two childhood friends who debate the true meaning of friendship and dare each other to see just how far physically they can take their relationship and still remain ‘just friends.’ So begins a series of frantically comedic and kinky ‘ friendship’ tests that wildly escalate and spin out of control toward a surprising climax! Based on an adult manga by Ryohzoh. (50 mins.) Plus! Oh! My Sex Goddess!\- Kosuke is a happy\-go\-lucky college student who suffers from a disturbing reoccurring nightmare where he becomes a rampaging sex demon! He’s at a loss to understand the significance of his dream as he goes about playing his favorite video games. One day a beautiful goddess named Fauna appears before him, not to grant wishes, but to destroy him! When Kosuke discovers he is, in fact, possessed by a powerful evil demon, the battle begins! 3 Episodes.

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