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Kitty's Private Passions [BD]

Kitty's Private Passions [BD]

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KITTY’S PRIVATE PASSIONS contains a duo of desirous absolutely not for children
OVAs! SORDID SECRET LIVES- Episode 1- The Case of Motomura Touko.
Motomura Touko is a married but sexually frustrated woman. The women in her family
suffer from a perverse promiscuity curse. Hearing of a certain legendary hot spring, she
returns to her native village to seek answers to her sexual frustrations. Episode 2- A
Girl, Asuka, and the Secret Forbidden. Part-Time Work- Suzuki Asuka has a secret

part-time job; she performs sexual favors at the request of her clients. While serving one
client, everything seems to be going well until things get out of control and take a turn
for the worse… (40 mins.) HOT TIMES AT MANGA CAFE- A guy strapped for cash
decides to take his date to a Manga Cafe where the rooms are cheap, relatively private
and where they proceed to do everything imaginable except reading manga! (17 mins.)

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