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Kitty's Portraits of Passion [DVD]

Kitty's Portraits of Passion [DVD]

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AKUZA’S SECRETS OF SEX- Oh no, Rieka is cheating on her man,
again! Her newest fling has no idea that Rieka’s old man is a ruthless and powerful
yakuza boss until his thugs arrive to teach the guy a lesson. This doesn’t phase Rieka
much until she learns that she’s gonna get her comeuppance next! Maybe this is what
she was hoping for all along? (20 mins.) SEX CODE OF THE SAMURAI- Shizume, a
kunoichi of the Fuuma clan, fails in her first attempt to retrieve an important scroll from a
Samurai named Horimon Juurou. For her failed mission, she gets disciplined by her
father and brother. Will her next attempt succeed or will Horimon prove to be too
cunning for her? Meanwhile, Horumon is also being pursued by an enraged female
ninja who seeks revenge for the murder of her father and stealing the scroll! When both
women meet up with Horimon, will they be able to resist his deadly charms? (23 mins.)
THE RESIDENCE OF EROTIC ART- Awaiting her master’s return, an elf maid
named Sylphy trains herself in advanced erotic techniques and skills so that her
master will appreciate her even more upon his return. Meanwhile, Syl’s little sister,
Meru, frantically searches for her sibling and finds her residing in a foreboding
mansion. Soon, Sylphy trains her sibling to become a new sex slave for her master!
(21 mins.)

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