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Kitty Vault Klassics #2 [BD]

Kitty Vault Klassics #2 [BD]

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Absolutely Not For Children! 

18+ or older to purchase!

A blu-ray trio of adult anime programs curated from the Kitty archives!

DOUBLE-DUTY NURSES (Tokubetsu Byoutou)- A doctor with a strange secret develops a potent sex drug and doses her nursing staff to observe the unpredictably wild, erotic effects! (2 Episodes) PAID & LAID (Debt Sisters)- A high school teacher, Kasumi, and her sister, Kaho, are in deep debt to a local gangster. Okura, a male student, learns of their financial predicament and offers to pay off their debt in exchange for some special favors! (2 Episodes) CHIMERA- Her name is Rei , better known as Chimera the Angel of Death! The dark wasteland of the Hong Kong underworld is her home. She’s an expert sniper, a silent assassin and more woman than meets the eye! The mafia boss who killed her parents now rules the crime world  and Rei works for him waiting patiently for her opportunity to avenge her parents! (1 Episode/Blu-ray)

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