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Kitty Twin Treats II [BD]

Kitty Twin Treats II [BD]

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Absolutely not for Children!

18+ or older to purchase!

Absolutely Not For Children! SIZZLING SIBLINGS- When Kouji learns that his elder sister Sana plans to move away from home, he feels the urgent need to confront her and express his true pent-up emotions before she leaves.  Sana is shocked by the revelation of her brother’s repressed lust and love for her but she gradually begins to reciprocate his feelings until things begin to completely unravel!  How will the siblings ultimately deal with their torrid taboo feelings toward each other? (50 mins.)

 FLESHDANCE (Shimaizuma: Shimaizuma 3 The Animation) Kenta is a serious art school student who looks for artistic inspiration wherever he can find it. When a renowned painter takes him on as his apprentice, Kenta’s creativity is sparked the moment he meets the painter’s sexy dancer wife, who happens to be an old flame! Seduced by her stunning beauty, Kenta’s artistic endeavors take a back seat to his new and exciting erotic endeavors! For viewers 18 And Over. (60 mins.)

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