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Kitty Pleasure Pack 4 (HH5/HH6) [DVD]

Kitty Pleasure Pack 4 (HH5/HH6) [DVD]

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Absolutely not for Children!

18+ or older to purchase!

A Steamy Smorgasbord of Sinful Sensations! Jewelry- A married couple, Sou and Sachi, think it s time to have a baby after feeling pressure from their parents. When the conversation heats up they move into the bedroom for an explosive climax! Milf Park- A young man asks a woman on a park bench about the book she s reading. Her reply leads to the two of them at her home physically re-enacting some of the book s most heated chapters! Demoness of Dreams- Kaito is ravaged in his dreams by an aggressive, sex-hungry succubus named Lilly. Annoyed, Kaito plots his revenge against the naughty nymph with the aid of his equally sexually demanding teacher! Harem of the Hellspawn- Deep inside a demon s den, two sisters and their friend are enslaved for diabolical breeding purposes and subjected to a multitude of erotic perversions. A freak feast for fans of extreme adult fantasy. Lusty Ladies of Mayohiga- A student named Isami journeys to a mountain top cafe for a rendezvous with his favorite waitress, the voluptuous Natsuki. But as soon as a new waitress sets her sights on the young man, the two ladies compete to see who is best skilled to satisfy the customer! Foxy Lady (Koi Maguwai)- The foxy Ginko spends her days and nights in the red light district, pleasing customers for money. One day, a traveling peddler catches Ginko's eye. She recognizes him as the man who saved her life many years ago. Erotic Encounter of the Alien Kind- An alien named Hare crash lands on earth and kills a young woman named Amano. The alien resurrects and repairs her Amano, making her smarter, more athletic, prettier, and hornier! Hare decides to monitor Amano as part of his earthly mission to study human sexuality! Raunchy Role Play- Ojou, a young debutante, has her eye on her devoted butler, Shitsuji, and concocts a sneaky scheme to be better served by him. She dresses as a maid and so begins her kinky plan to snare the butler! Adult content for 18 and older. Aprox. 160 mins. total. English dubbed with Japanese language and English subtitles.

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