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Kitty Pleasure Pack 2 (Too Hot for Teacher/2.5) [DVD]

Kitty Pleasure Pack 2 (Too Hot for Teacher/2.5) [DVD]

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Absolutely not for Children!

18+ or older to purchase!

3 Shows on 2 DVDs!

Dishonor Student explores the perverse higher educational journey of Yoko, a top honor student, who is confronted by the school principal with photographic evidence of her lewd sexual conduct with her fellow female classmates. Threatened with disgrace and expulsion, she begs for leniency and offers her services to do anything to satisfy her professors every demand as payment for her sinful indiscretions. Shockingly, the entire faculty accepts Yoko's offer and so begins a wild carnal crash course of sexy exams unlike anything ever imagined in the hallowed halls of academia!

Too Hot For Teacher is based on a popular erotic manga by Tsukiyoshi. Student Teacher relations couldn't get any hotter! A quartet of love-struck female students offers their bodies and souls to their beloved male teacher in a series of intense and humorous sexual encounters that truly test the limits of the teacher's physical stamina and endurance. Meanwhile, each student competes to see who becomes the first impregnated!

Sexual Sacrifice is based on the intriguing and disturbing doujin manga by Kemigawa Mondo. The plot chronicles the darkly erotic journey of Yurika, a beautiful rich college girl, who meets Yuusuke, a shy, awkward male student on campus. Together they initiate a pure, warm relationship before ugly fate intrudes! Suddenly, Yurika becomes aloof and is seldom seen in class. One day, Yuusuke sees her whisked away into a mysterious limousine to report to the Master. Distressed and heart-broken, Yuusuke soon receives a disturbing, mind-shattering live stream video on his cell phone in which he learns what s happening to Yurika. She voluntarily sacrifices her voluptuous body and dignity in exchange for sparing her father s failing corporate enterprise from a hostile takeover by the greedy and perverse Master. Will Yurika survive the ordeal and her descent into degradation? Will Yuusuke ever see or hold his true love again?

Dubbed in English. Includes original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

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