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Karate Girl Kick to the Groin Edition [BD]

Karate Girl Kick to the Groin Edition [BD]

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Karate Girl: Kick to the Groin Edition was directed by Yoshikatsu Kimura and stars Rina Takeda, Hina Tobimatsu, and Tatsuya Naka.

A mysterious high-school girl, Ayaka (Rina Takeda) has a dark secret. She’s a karate master and must keep her family’s martial arts legacy secret to protect her family treasure, the Black Belt! When she accidently reveals her signature fighting skills in public, the ruthless karate gang that murdered her family and abducted her sister quickly finds out! Now a fateful battle is inevitable as the gang and her estranged sister prepare to fight Ayaka for possession of the highly coveted trophy belt!

Features a brand new English language dub and supplementary materials!

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