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Fleshdance Encore Edition

Fleshdance Encore Edition

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Absolutely not for Children!

18+ or older to purchase!

Absolutely Not For Children! Fleshdance- Kenta is a serious art school student who looks for artistic inspiration wherever he can find it. When a renowned painter takes him on as his apprentice, Kenta’s creativity is sparked the moment he meets the painter’s sexy wife. Seduced by her stunning beauty and exotic dancing skills, Kenta’s artistic endeavors take a back seat to his new and exciting erotic endeavors! 2 Episodes. Bonus OVA! Study A Broad (Eisai Kyoiku) At an all-girl school, a male teacher with a sordid past takes it upon himself to educate his students into a forbidden curriculum of carnal knowledge. Taking advantage of his authority, he conducts the most intimate and personal exams of each and every one of his shapely students! 1 Episode. For Ages 18 and over.

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