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Double Disc Delight V (HH 8/HH 9) [BD]

Double Disc Delight V (HH 8/HH 9) [BD]

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Absolutely not for Children!

18+ or older to purchase!

Milf Assault Mode- Ryouichi is playing video games with his friend Yu while Yuu s scantily-clad Auntie is lounging around and being a distraction in more ways than one. Soon, the MILF starts coming onto Ryouchi threatening his competitive edge! Sinful Sis- When Big Sis comes home with a bag full of her brother s favorite snacks and drinks, she s unnerved to find her brother s sexy classmate over for a not-so innocent study session. Brimming with jealousy, Big Sis shows her brother in the most explicit terms possible why he doesn t need a girlfriend! Tramp Stamp: Anime Edition- Nishina is a college student with a perplexing problem. During a casual conversation with her friends, Nishina is suddenly struck by the realization that she s completely ignorant and inexperienced in sexual matters. Then and there, she makes a personal vow to rectify the situation as soon as possible! She's A Pervert & She's All Mine Part 1 and 2- At a prestigious all-girls school, a shy student named Hina hides a perverse secret. Yonezu, a male student who is infatuated with Hina, follows her to a local park only to discover her habit of performing some very perverse acts in public. Together engage in a strange series of adventures full of demented erotic delights. 2 blu-ray discs (aprox. 100 mins. total) English dubbed with Japanese language and English subtitles. Adult content for ages 18 and over.

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