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Double Disc Delight (Kanojo/Aki Sora) [BD]

Double Disc Delight (Kanojo/Aki Sora) [BD]

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Kanojo X Kanojo X Kanojo-After a natural disaster, a young man, Haruomi, temporarily moves into his relatives house that he shares with three sexy sisters, Natsumi, Akina and Mafuyu. Suddenly, his ordinary, calm world shifts gears into a thrill-packed, erotic roller coaster ride! Aki Sora- Growing up and falling in love isn't always the most painless of experiences especially for Sora, the only son in a family full of women. Between an absentee mom and his domineering sisters, Aki and Nami, things are often difficult at times for Sora. When Aki s sisterly love turns to lust, Sora finds himself reluctantly returning those feelings. The two struggle constantly with the naughty nature of their relationship as well as the struggle to keep it confidential. They soon learn that their situation isn t the only shocking one in the family! English dubbed with Japanese audio and English Subtitles. For mature viewers 18 and Older.

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