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Death Trance/Shinobi Girl the Movie Swordplay! [BD]

Death Trance/Shinobi Girl the Movie Swordplay! [BD]

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Tokyo Shock Double Blade Swordplay contains Shinobi Girl:The Movie and Death Trance.

As the ultra-rich and powerful claim more and more victims, Norika, otherwise known as SHINOBI GIRL, fights to save one person at a time and find the evidence that will prove her innocent as a suspect in a CEO’s murder case. However, Ms. Brooks, the high society trophy wife recently turned widow is hot on her trail! Her army of elite corporate assassins includes the lethal one-woman hit squad named Raven, who has her own personal agenda and a lethal score to settle! Can Noriko challenge one of the most powerful corporations in the world and survive long enough to prove her innocence? As Norikio’s life precariously balances on the edge of a blade, she vows to keep up her fight for social justice! First time on blu-ray!

DEATH TRANCE- From the action director of Ryuhei Kitamura’s mega-hit VERSUS comes the high-octane saga of a lone samurai known only as Grave (Tak Sakaguchi of VERSUS and TOKYO GORE POLICE) and his search for the ultimate battle. Dragging along a coffin that he stole from a sacred temple, Grave fearlessly travels the land unaware that the box contains the Goddess of Destruction, imprisoned within to prevent her from laying waste and annihilating the world as we know it. Unknown to Grave, a lone monk embarks on a quest to find and return the relic to its proper home before someone accidentally unleashes an apocalyptic cataclysm! So begins the race to claim the mysterious casket!

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