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Atomic Anime Blast V1(Juden Chan/Rio Rainbow) [BD]

Atomic Anime Blast V1(Juden Chan/Rio Rainbow) [BD]

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2 Monster Anime Hits!

Juden Chan\-\nHope for people around the world suffering from depression has finally arrived! Meet Juden\-chan, the invisible but well\-endowed ladies with super powers to re\-charge humans and obliterate all sadness and despondence. While Aresta and Plug are conducting their juden\-chan duties, they encounter a boy named Sento who can actually see them! (12 Episodes!) Rio Rainbow Gate\- The Howard Resort Hotel is a popular casino complex where people gather from around the world for a chance to win a fortune! Employed in the casino is the ravishing Rio Rollins, known to the high rollers as the Goddess of Victory! Join Rio as she embarks on a series of crazy contests for a shot at the title of Most Valuable Casino Dealer! (13 Episodes + Bonus!)

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