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Akihabara@Deep [BD]

Akihabara@Deep [BD]

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Akihabara@Deep was directed by Takashi Minamoto and stars Hiroki Narimiya, Yû Yamada, and Shûgo Oshinari, and is based on the novel and manga by Ira Ishida.

Akihabara is a Tokyo district is a neon drenched mecca where obsessed fans known as ‘otaku’ converge and shop for manga, anime, electronics, games and collectible toys. Page, Box, Akira, Taiko, Daruma, and Izumu are six otaku - each with an expertise and passion in their own field of interest, and each with his or her own eccentric personal issues. Together, they drop out of mainstream society to start up a successful IT venture called Crook with the sole mission to protect their beloved mecca from harm. But Nakagomi, the president of Digital Capital, a nefarious big tech company, has other plans and is intent on crushing Crook!

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